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Noiq Poker €125,000 in May Promotions


Noiq Poker, a member of the IGT Poker Network, is offering €125,000 in promotions during the month of May.

€61,650 Rake Race

Noiq Poker is offering a €61,650 rake race in May. The race is split into four separate races. The first two races, running between May 1-7 and May 8-15, are each €15,825 races. The last two races run are May 16-23 and Mat 24-31. These races are each €15,000 races. The top 100 players in each race are paid. The first and second places in the first two races will be offered an EMOP Bulgaria package, or the cash equivalent.

€20,000 May Low Limit Race

There are four €5000 races during the month of May. Play only qualifies at NL50, PLO50, and sit and gos €10 or under. Players that qualify for the main race will not be able to also receive the prize in this race. Only the largest of the two prizes will be awarded.

€24,000 May Endurance Race

There will be two endurance races at Noiq Poker during May. The races will run between May 1-15 and May 16-30. Each race has a weighted payout. There will be €8000 equally shared between all winners, while €4000 will be weighted among the amount of VIP Points earned. For the first race, players that earn 40 VIP Points or more on 14 of the 15 days will divide the €12,000 prize pool. For the second race, players that earn 30 or more VIP Points on 14 of the 15 days will divide the €12,000 prize pool.

May €5000 Midstakes Endurance Race

Between May 7-20, players that play NL200, NL400, PL200, PL400, PLO200, and PLO400 will participate in a €5000 Endurance Race. All players that earn 100 VIP Points or more each day of the promotion will split the €5000 prize pool.

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